What is roof rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation, also known as roof recoating, is a common type of roof maintenance. Most of our clients do this to prolong the integrity of their roof so that roof replacement is only necessary much further down the road.

How is it going green when i rejuvenate the roof?

Mr Roof uses material that is non-toxic to the environment. By rejuvenating the roof, it will extend the lifespan of roof tiles and in turn, you might not need to replace the roof in the short-term. You can delay replacing the roof by 10 to 20 years, with this type of roof maintenance. Recoating or rejuvenating the roof ensures that the roof is properly cared for and it also reduces rubbish, which then reduces carbon footprint.

What is the difference between roof rejuvenation and roof replacement?

You need to replace the roof when roof rejuvenation will not cut it anymore due to a bad roof condition. Roof replacement costs more (almost double) compared to roof rejuvenation. So, we would advise that you look into roof rejuvenation or roof recoating while it can still be maintained that way.

When is the ideal time to rejuvenate the roof?

The ideal time would be 5 to 6 years after the installation of the roof. Generally, you can perform such a roof maintenance if the roof tiles is not older than 15 years. Beyond that, roof rejuvenation is not recommended.

How is roof rejuvenation done?
Step 1
Mr Roof repairs all leakages, if there is any. We will seal all the joints, even areas/parts that are not leaking, to prevent leakage in the future.

Step 2
We will wash the roof to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

Step 3
Then, we cover minor holes with waterproof glue.

Step 4
We add another layer of waterproof glue for good measure.

Step 5
Then we add a layer of paint which acts as sunscreen, protecting your roof from the sun.

Step 6
We add another layer of paint for extra protection.


By recoating your roof, you will save money in the long run as it can provide roof protection for up to 10 years. If you do not recoat the roof, corrosion will take place and the structure is weakened.

If you do not recoat after a few years, roof rejuvenation will not be able to save your roof. This is because the roof tiles gets more worn out and fragile after approximately 20 years. By recoating every 5 years, your roof’s lifespan is extended for another 5 to 8 years. It all depends on weather conditions throughout the years at your area.

If the paint has worn out after 5 years, then all you need to do is to repaint it. You know who to call for such a job – Mr Roof!


Mr Roof offers a 5-year warranty for all roof rejuvenation works.


The cost of roof rejuvenate range from RM5,000- RM6,000 for a 22 x 80 sq ft house. We will provide the exact cost upon inspecting the roof.

Total peace of mind

Mr Roof is all about delivering quality and instilling trust. We adhere to our core values in every single project – to give our best to all customers, regardless of project size. A lot of trust is required on your part as you might not be able to see what goes on on the roof when we are doing the roof repairs or replacements. We do not take this trust lightly and take all measures to ensure that your trust is not misplaced.

Rest assured, we have been in the roof maintenance and roof repairs market for more than 20 years. We have received zero complaints about poor service or lost items in the house. We enforce strict policies and stringent training for all staff to ensure that you get the quality and precious peace of mind you rightfully deserve.