Roof insulation

Roof insulation is great investment as it repels heat and your home stays cooler. This could also mean less electricity usage to keep your home cool. So the cost of investment in getting your roof insulated will mean even more savings in the long run. Save energy and be greener – roof insulation is kinder on your wallet and the environment!

Mr Roof uses CSR double-sided RadenShield® lamination foil by Monier. It is one of the best products in Malaysia and that’s why we continue to recommend this product to our customers. Monier® RadenShield® is a range of high performance radiant barrier. It is one of the key components of their Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions that minimises energy consumption and maximises comfort while having a low impact on the environment.

However, if you have a specific brand or product in mind for roof insulation, roof repairs or roof maintenance, let us know. We are flexible and can work with various brands or products for roof repairs or roof maintenance.


Why insulate your roof?

Here are the key reasons for roof insulation.

  • Advanced thermal performance – Reflect 97% of radiant heat for a cooler indoor environment
  • Energy cost saving – Reduce usage of air-conditioning
  • Health risk-free – Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • High level of tear resistance – Highest quality premium woven carrier that withstands rough handling
  • 100% leak-proof – Enjoy peace of mind as it is resistant against moisture and wind-uplift
  • Easy installation – Lightweight with no additional support required


According to data validated by Monier® Technical Centre in Europe for tropical weather, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the USA, Monier® RadenShield® gives you a cooler home with bigger savings:

  • Up to 10°C cooler inside
  • Reduce up to 60% of air-conditioning usage
  • Reduce up to 30% of electricity bills
  • Less than 2 years payback period



Sorry, there is no warranty for this service.


Estimated cost

Roof insulation will cost about RM3,000 to RM4,000 for a double-storey house (about 22’ x 80’). Price will depend on the house’s size and level of difficulty when it comes to installation.


Best time to insulate your home

The best time to insulate your home is when you are replacing your roof or before you install solar water-heater or solar panels.


Contact us!

If you require further information on roof maintenance, contact us and we’ll perform the necessary roof evaluation and inspection before recommending what’s right for your roof. Apart from roof insulation, we also provide roof repair services such as roof recoating, roof rejuvenation, roof replacement and roof waterproofing.