Securing your home with a burglar-prevention roof

Securing your home with a burglar-prevention roof

Making sure that your home is safe and secure is of utmost importance. You want to protect your family, your possessions, your home and your financial well being. Most of us do the necessary such as securing the windows, doors, grilles, fences and gates. One component that majority might neglect to secure is the roof.

Most traditional roof tiles are not securely fixed to the roof structure and can be easily removed. Burglars can enter a house by just removing a few pieces of roof tiles without alerting anyone. There have been multiple reports where burglars have entered through the roof hatch, or just simply cut a hole in the roof and slipped in.

Roof security has become a concern of many homeowners. Some install an additional layer of galvanised iron sheet underneath the roof when they do replace their roof. Others install additional battens to narrow the gap between battens.

Interlocking system

Fastening a horizontal and unique interlocking system can prevent anyone from opening the roof tiles without proper tooling, and eliminate the chances of burglars carrying out the crime undetected. This helps to create an additional safety and security barrier to reduce or eliminatebreak-ins through the roof.

Roof hatch

When was the last time you used or checked your roof hatch? If you can’t recall, then it’s time for an inspection. You should ensure that the hinges and handles are intact. If your hatch is old or damaged, consider replacing it with one made of heavy-gauge materials and tamper-proof hardware. This will act as an additional barrier to protect you and all at home from a break-in.

If you have a lock on the handle, that’s a good thing to have. If there is a hole in the handle mechanism, all you have to do is put a padlock through it. Most standard roof access hatches come with lock hasps as a security feature.


Contact switches can also be applied and wired to your building’s alarm system.

Other measures

You can mount motion-sensing lights or security cameras to your roof. This way, you can monitor what’s being recorded and can prevent attempts of breaking in.