Making sure your roof stays in good shape

Making sure your roof stays in good shape

A roof is a major investment. So it’s smart to do everything the necessary to make sure it stays in good shape. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance will keep small problems from becoming big ones.

You can hire a roofing professional to review your roof on a regular basis, and do all the necessary maintenance.If you decide to go on the roof and check it yourself, there are a number of things to look out for.

  • Water
    When there is collected water on the roof, it means there is improper drainage, and water can begin to damage structures. It may be necessary to install roof drains, or clear obstructed drains that are already in place.
  • Cracks
    When cracks appear in the surface of a built-up roof, colder weather can create channels that hold water.
  • Moss and algaeMoss can grow on moist wood shingles. Once it grows, moss holds even more moisture to a roof system’s surface, causing rot. In addition, moss roots also can work their way into a wood deck and structure.Algae also grow in damp, shaded areas on wood or shingle roof systems. Algae can retain moisture, causing rot and deterioration. Trees and bushes should be trimmed away from homes and buildings to eliminate damp, shaded areas, and gutters should be kept clean to ensure good drainage.
  • Ventilation
    The airflow around and under a roof is critical to its durability. Without it, heat and moisture can build up and can cause shingles to buckle and rafters to rot. Ventilation in the roof prevents structural damage and increases the life of your roof.

Expert advice

Get a recommendation from a neighbour, a friend or someone you know. Gather at least two roofing contractors and ensure that they have been in business for at least five years. Roof contractors who do bad work usually don’t last that long.

Firstly, check on their availability. If there’s a long wait, then move on. There’s no reason to waste time. When the roofing expert comes by to inspect, take note of his appearance. Professionalism extends beyond the job. Then detail the full range of your expectations. Find out who will actually do the roofing repair or replacement work.

If you like what you see and hear, then get an estimate. Be sure to insist on a warranty that covers leaks, flashing failure and other labour-related defects. A one-year warranty is the minimum, though more than that is preferable. Be sure you get the paperwork and proof of purchase, to ensure that you have little or no problemspursuing after-sales service down the road.

Get started!

Consider the age of your roof and the cost of repairs. If your roof is more than 20 years old, the cost of repeated roof repairs can surpass the price of a new roof. In this case, opting for a roof replacement may be the most financially sound option.

The sooner you look for signs of damage or weakness in your roof, the sooner you can have a roofing contractor perform repairs or fully replace your roof. This will ensure that your roof is in top condition for all weather conditions. So, get started on the process as soon as you possibly can!